Monday, 12 April 2010

1 .. 2 .. Rehearsals at C.I.P!

Rehearsals @ C.I.P from babis on Vimeo.

New stage, New group!

Towards the second stage of the project we were introduced to CIP (Community Integration Partnership). After presenting the project to all the members at CIP and attending their amazing (and full of delicious food) Christmas party we decided to work together in order to create another small River to add to the existing one!

CIP is a registered charity that has worked with women and children from newly arrived communities since 2001.  "We provide a range of educational classes plus support to build skills, knowledge and confidence.  Our goal is to enable our women to become part of their host community and to succeed economically by progressing into employment."

It has been a delight to be work with this group. Fran, our new choreographer, has been working closely with the ladies at CIP to translate their stories into dance.  A great big thank you to Shain and all the staff at CIP for all their help and for always trying to accommodate us the best way possible! Watch this space for a sneak peak in the rehearsals.